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John E. Smith and Willetta M. Smith Fellowship in Geosciences

Posted by The College of Science at OSU on February 4, 2008


 John and Willetta, each holding their daughter, Joan.

Having just gotten the blog up and running, we’re backlogged on announcements of some of the fantastic gifts that have been made to the College of Science during the Campaign for OSU.

Joan and Chuck McDougald of Corvallis made a commitment in honor of Joan’s parents, John E. and Willetta M. Smith. They designated The College of Health and Human Sciences and the Department of Geosciences. The fellowship in geosciences will support graduate students, which is a top priority for the department. Great graduate students elevate the undergraduate experience and support the research being conducted by our faculty.

Here’s a  lovely story about this multi-generational OSU family and their philanthropy:

John E. Smith and Willetta M. Smith Fellowship in Geosciences.


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