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Lionfish Outcompete the Natives on Coral Reefs

Posted by The College of Science at OSU on May 1, 2011

To get more information about the F.A.  Gilfillan Memorial Award Lecturer Mark Hixon and his research on Lionfish, please read Nick Houtman’s story Lionfish Outcompete the Natives on Coral Reefs in terra magazine.


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Dr. Mark Hixon to give Gilfillan Memorial Award Lecture, Thursday, May 5th

Posted by The College of Science at OSU on April 29, 2011

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The National System of Marine Protected Areas

Posted by The College of Science at OSU on December 1, 2008

From News and Communication Services at OSU:

“Marine protected areas are parts of the ocean set aside for their conservation value, much like state and national parks,” said Mark Hixon, a professor of marine biology at Oregon State University and chair of the federal advisory committee that helped produce the framework for the national system. “These are tools for the future, providing lasting protection of our living and nonliving ocean heritage for coming generations of Americans.”

“Besides benefiting fisheries, these areas will protect the rich biodiversity of the seas, the vast treasure trove of genes, organisms, species and ecosystems of the underwater world,” Hixon said. “I believe that our children and grandchildren will look back on this day with pride.”

Jeff Lovin)/em)

(Photo: Jeff Lovin)

For more info:

Full article from News and Communication Services

About the National System of Marine Protected Areas

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